I spent the afternoon at Salon Worx having a manicure and pedicure. Despite suggestions, I opted for a sheersheersheer pink on my fingers (so that when it chips off in a day, as it inevitably will, it won’t show, and because I have small hands, so bold colors dwarf them further), and a sort of salmony pink OPI color called “Love Me Tender” on my toes, that would be insipid except it has subtle coppery glitter in it, so it shimmers, and it’s one of those shades that makes skin look tanner than it really is, and THAT, is never a bad thing.

Fuzzy met me when I was done, and we went to lunch at RockFish, partly because I wanted clam chowder, but mostly because it’s in the same parking lot as the salon. I had the Pacific snapper, and Fuzzy, who doesn’t like fish to taste fishy, had the cedar plank salmon, and we were both very happy.

From there, we stopped in at the local health food store, where I bought Ezekiel bread (which comes in Cinnamon Raisin – who knew?), Q10, and Kava, the latter of which I mixed with cranberry juice rather than water, because the taste of it in water is not unlike raw sewage. Or at least…the way that I imagine raw sewage might taste. Kava is helpful in relieving migraines AND menstrual cramps, and since I’m having both just now, I decided to try it. Four hours later, I’m pleasantly relaxed, a bit sleepy, and just woozy enough that I will not be shaving my legs til morning.

When we got home, I announced that I was going to nap while Fuzzy went grocery shopping, but instead I threw towels in the washer (We were out of clean washclothes. A tragedy.) and was suddenly inspired to clean all my makeup brushes, though the inspiration came in the form of the new makeup I brought home from the salon. My colors of the moment are “sunset” which is a warm brown, and “lemon spice” which is a pale neutral yellow perfect for the brow arch.

Fuzzy brought me flowers along with the groceries. He’s so sweet. And, yeah, I asked him to, but he had to remember, and choose a bouquet that I’d like. Go Fuzzy! Keep this up and I’ll forgive you for being right about the Mix 102.9 ear worm on Friday morning.

After the cold stuff was put away, we went to Blockbuster to use the April coupons, and then, because it was nearly nine and I hadn’t had ANY COFFEE ALL DAY, to Starbucks.

So, no Faire this weekend because Fuzzy’s on call, but a nice Saturday even so, and tomorrow after church, I might finally get brave enough to takle the flower box in the back yard. (I want it to look good but I’m terrified about what might be living in, on, or under it.)

I’m babbled out, and really muzzy, so it seems a good time to end this, and go curl up in bed with a book, and my dogs.

Happy Saturday!