This morning, I spent two hours hanging with Alfonso at the Worx Salon (an Aveda salon) in Cedar Hill. Jeremy – if you were hispanic, he'd be you – same features, same facial expressions, same mannerisms. Very spooky. But also, it put me at ease.

I went in for a simple cut and color, to hide the-color-we-don't-mention and he talked me into highlights. My hair is lighter now than it was, though still dyed, and there are threads of red and gold woven through it, which sounds fake, but looks sun-streaked and natural. I love it.

(Also had eyebrows done. Eyebrow tech Kayla said, “No way are you 35. I thought you were 28, tops.” We love the Kayla. Muchly.)

At any rate, I'm now greeting the late morning/afternoon/rest of the weekend with my mood altered in a good way. Amazing what a salon morning can do for the attitude. Also, salon services there come with a fifteen minute chair massage. And comforting tea.

Am now going to de-Halloween-ize the front yard (the pumpkin lights are still up, though not lit), and make lunch, and then, then I have two articles to write and a flyer to design before I can even BEGIN any novel writing today.

You know – I LIKE being busy :)

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