When shadows fall
And trees whisper, “Day is ending,”
My thoughts are ever wending home.

When crickets call
My heart is forever yearning
Once more to be returning home.*

As I've been listening to the song I've just quoted (and, I admit, gobbling the food I left in a rush to make a post on time, earlier), night has descended outside my window. I was caught for several moments looking at the twilight sky through my office window – the ebbing light making strange shadows of the trees in the yard, the pool of light from the neighbors' back yard pool, the birds alighting on the branches, for their nightly roost.

Twilight is one of my favorite times of day, even with the increased mosquito activity that inevitably goes with it. Somehow, it's hopeful, restful, romantic, and peaceful, all at once, and I generally prefer to experience it at home, with warm lamplight giving color to my immediate surroundings.

This is especially important to me on Sunday evenings, not because I have a burning need for a day-long sabbath, but because I think it's important to have some quiet time before a new, and busy, week begins.


*”Home,” Nat King Cole

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