Starter Homes


I've been either in or around the mortgage industry for more than half my life, and the thing that I hate most is when a young couple really wants a house and there's just no way they can afford it. You'd think that with all the programs that exist – zero-down-payment, no-doc, even no-credit-score – that this wouldn't happen, but it does, and while it's not usually my job to tell the borrower, it's often my job to tell the loan officer, who will have to tell the borrower. Sometimes, this industry is brutal that way.

But then there are the amazing stories, where that young couple trying to buy their first home cashes in the coke cans and the ragu bottles, and sells back their vacation time, and is so close, that one of us gets on the phone and asks their parents to just increase the gift for closing costs, a little bit, and they do.

That rush, that sense of selling some a lifestyle, a HOME, not just a house – that is why we continue to do our jobs.

Just sayin'.

Small two bedroom starter
Needs a little fixing
A great big yard for kids and pets to play
This one won't last too long
It's close to schools and churches
Owner leaving town
You better hurry down today*

“Small Two Bedroom Starter,” Reba McEntire

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