***Pledge Break***

We're here at the 1/3 mark on Blogathon 2005 here at Scritture, and the tot. board (over in the sidebar) shows that we've got $744 in pledges. Our initial goal was $500, and our 2nd goal is $750, so we're just $6 away from that.

As Search Results from Open Diary reminded me, Habitat for Humanity can buy a LOT of nails for $6. Won't you please be the one to fund them? And if you've ALREADY pledged, hey, get a friend to do it!

Here, for convenience, are the instructions on HOW TO PLEDGE:
How to Pledge

  1. Register: Go here. and register a username, name, and email address.
  2. Find my Campagin: I'm listed as Melissa A. Bartell MissMeliss: Scritture / Habitat for Humanity – Women Build (Currently, I'm on page 8 of the campaign list. )
  3. Sign In: Use the username and password you created in step one, and log in, using the boxes in the upper right-hand corner. After logging in, you should still be on my campagin page.
  4. Make Your Pledge: If you want to pledge a certain amount per hour, just multiply by 24, and type in the total. If you don't want to be publically identified, be sure to click the box to hide your identity. (Only I will see it.) DO NOT make your donation yet. If I don't meet my commmitment to posting every 30 minutes for 24 hours, you're off the hook. Right now, just pledge.
  5. Leave a Note: I don't get notified of new pledges. Please leave a note at my blog, live journal or open diary account, so I can thank you. Or send email. (You can also send email if these steps confuse you – just give me your name as you want it to be on the sponsor list, the amount of your pledge, and an email address, and I'll do the registration for you.)

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