New Friends

It's taken a year, but I finally got to meet . She's very sweet, and an amazing baker, and her husband and sister are much fun. (He, btw, is the third of the three amazing photographers I know, two of whom are local.)

So many things from Ms. Eclectic's blog and conversations clicked into place after spending an evening with them and their (and Ms. Eclectic's) friend whom they all call Missy J, and I'll refer to simply as J. In-jokes, references, etc. I really hope we'll get together again, both because we need more couple-friends, and because they're all such funny, smart, creative people.

I've been introduced to Shadows over Camelot which is described as a collaberative board game, but I prefer to describe it as a cooperative board game with light roleplay opportunities. It was fun, if a little confusing, and I'd love to play it again.

(I think this group might respond well to Munchkin, also.)

Anyway, it's 12:30, but, an evening out with great food, and new friends, and new experiences, and an extremely friendly uber-quiet dogling, is both “how I spent my Saturday evening” and my (late) Happiness Challenge #13.

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