Fuzzy woke up about an hour ago, showered, checked mail and then went out to get me a mocha frapp. He's so sweet that way.

He came home, where I put him to work browning meat, even before I said hello. Then, after I sent him away from the kitchen once more, I remembered that he'd laid two bags on the counter, calling them 'treats' when I asked what they were.

I just opened one. He brought me a cinnamon croissant. Cinnamon! The scent of home.

Thanks Fuzzy. I love you.
(But I still think you should post for me at three AM. :) )

There is a child inside my heart tonight
Nobody knows that child but you
If I hold on to you too tight,
You understand, you hold me too.

You are the one,
Who is waiting at the door
When I'm afraid, you warm the air,
And, when I close my eyes to sleep,
You are my peace, you are my prayer

You are my home,
You make me strong,
and in this world of strangers,
I belong to someone,
You, are all I know.
You're all I have,
You are my home

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