Late last night, Zorro ran in from the back yard, barking his head off. He doesn't generally bark, so this alarmed us enough for Fuzzy to head out back armed with a yellow flashlight. He returned confirming my theory: bats. We have bats buzzing the back yard at night, and they register as 'rodents' to the dogs. Zorro doesn't like rodents – the terrier in him wants to go to ground and find them, and the chihuahua parts want to flee in terror.

We did what any good dog owners would. We told Zorro and Cleo that they were smart, and good, and had done a great job of defending the yard from the flying rodent things.

Then we sent them to bed.

I had just emerged from the bathroom, when I saw them, curled up together, but when I moved to grab the camera (I used my cellphone as the real camera was upstairs), Cleo sat up. Still they look so cute in the soft light of the reading lamps, that I had to share.

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