TJ of Zazzafooky asked me some questions, which I'm answering here.

  1. When you were a kid, did you have an imaginary friend? If so, describe.
    When I was two or three I had an imaginary friend named Taffy, and I know I blamed her for stuff I'd done, but I don't remember much more. When I was three, my grandparents gave me a poodle puppy, and we named her Taffy, and the imaginary Taffy disappeared, but it's a funny thing, the dog had all the same mischievous traits that the imaginary human had possessed.
  2. What is the worst sinful thing you've ever done that you were never caught for.
    All the really awful things, like hiring hit-men when I was nine, or eating all the communion wafers when I was three, were discovered. The most sinful after that? I can't really answer this knowing that my mother and husband read my blog ;) Let's just say, I knew he was married, and I slept with him anyway, but I was very young, and very stupid at the time.
  3. What is the greatest contribution you have made to society?
    Not breeding? (I kid.) I don't know. I've put my body on the line to help protect reproductive choice; I think that's important. I vote. I participate in things like the blogathon, which are attempts to do good work. I don't think it's really possible to know the impact of one person while they're still alive and relatively young.
  4. Describe the worst boyfriend/mate you've ever had and what made you part.
    He was a jazz musician, with all the sterotypical fickleness that such a career implies. He made amazing music, but he also made some scary choices. The fact that he slept with men as well as women wasn't the deal breaker. The fact that he didn't tell me, was. And then, years later, he was busted for pedophelia, which has got to be an a-list item of fucked-up behavior. And yet, even the worst relationships still bring something good to your life in terms of lessons or new discoveries. I took away from it a deep and abiding love of jazz and blues, ballads and standards, and that still informs my musical choices today, fifteen years later.
  5. What would people most NOT like about you? What would they most LIKE?
    NOT LIKE: I'm fundamentally pretty boring. I'm shy. I can be prickly. And I have a definite bossy streak. I clam up in large groups.

    LIKE: It truly is a wonderment that anyone likes me at all. I've no idea why. I can be generous, I guess. And sometimes I'm funny, but the shyness overwhelms that. You tell me?