A Word TO My Sponsors

Three hours into this, I'm sitting here at the kitchen table with coffee in one hand and yogurt in the other. How am I typing? I'll never tell! (Seriously, I do put the stuff down to type. Boring, but true.) The birds are singing, Cleo is lounging on the deck, soaking in the summer sun, Zorro is in the laundry basket in the bedroom (he's odd that way), and Fuzzy is still asleep. I think he should guest post for me at three AM, just for sleeping late, except his spelling sucks.

Anyway, I want to draw your attention to my campaign page right now, so you can see the list of all my very cool sponsors. Some of them have chosen to be anonymous. That's cool. I know who they are, at least. Well, most of them, there are a couple of names I can't match to blogs or email. But I appreciate them, just as much. (And, I confess, I'm the first Anonymous. I seeded my own pot, but didn't want to be showy about it.)

I also want to thank all the people who are supporting me by advertising my site, sending me pix of front doors (it's not too late to add YOURS – send it to scritture@gmail.com, leaving amazing comments, etc. (I'm gonna list you all later, no worries, but I'm late on this post!)

Thank you. You all ROCK.

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