2:03 AM

It's a little after 2 AM CDT on Friday, August 19th, and I'm barely managing to keep my eyes open.

B. and J. (no, that doesn't stand for Ben and Jerry) arrived late Weds. night, and we went straight to IHOP where we all ate too much (really one bite there is too much). For the record, the stuffed french toast is similar to eating a hot Krispy Kreme doughnut with strawberries on top. Sort of.

Today, after sleeping far to little, we hung out at the house til One, and then went to Dallas to Genghis Grill, two different branches of Lone Star Comics, Paciugo then came home and hung out more, hit Sonic and then came home, where we spent all night playing Shadows over Camelot, which was my birthday present from Fuzzy.

If you posted a comment, and didn't get a fairy gift message in return, then please know I haven't forgotten you, I'll be catching up with those tomorrow night. I hope.

Wednesday, all of your comments made me happy, as did the gerbera daisies I received from my mother. I love flowers!

Thursday, which fiscally is still 'today' even if the calendar says otherwise, I'm happy for good friends, and insane laughter.

Bed now.

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