Winter Wonderland

22 December 2004
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Sleighbells ring.
Are you listening
In the lane
Snow is glistening.
A beautiful sight!
We’re happy tonight
Walking in a winter wonderland

The picture above was snapped earlier tonight, by Fuzzy, at my request. We had a day of snow today, and I wanted a picture of the Christmas lights, with the lawn still sporting it’s light frosting of whitestuff.

If I thought our street was cute before, and our neighborhood cozy, I think so even MORE today, when it was cold, grey, and wet. The pavement is rain-dark now, and somewhat icy, and the lawns are sporting the faintest dusting of snow, and with all the Christmas lights, it’s all very magical. I wanted to walk through the park, but Fuzzy said it’s too cold tonight.

It was actually last night that we went walking, leafletting our immediate neighborhood with invitations to come over for cider and snacks this evening. Short notice, yes, but we wanted to keep things small, and it all worked out. We’d invited other local-ish friends, of course, but there was enough snowfall in DFW today, that the roads were nasty, so I don’t blame anyone for not showing. In fact, I would have stayed home, too.

Still, the party was nice. I’ve met some of my neighbors, and they’re all lovely people, especially B. and her daughters M. and T. They’re an African-American family, and the girls, ages 21 and 16, respectively, are smart, engaging, and well-spoken. It was a real pleasure having them over, and they lingered. The other neighbors are all lovely people as well, and all of us are dog owners, so of course there was conversation (and some chastisement), when one woman said that her dogs sleep in the garage.

“But, it’s 20 degrees outside,” another protested. “That’s too cold. Those garages aren’t heated.”

“It’s fine,” the first replied. “They have a blanket.”

They asked me about our dogs, and I’m afraid I was no help, “Oh, they sleep with us,” I shared.

The party broke up around ten, and then we watched Calendar Girls with my parents. They laughed. We laughed. And now I’m here, writing an entry in the wee hours of a cold December night/morning.

And in my head, I’m in Wonderland.

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