T3: Dancing Polar Bears

Onesome: Dancing– Dancing? Does anyone go dancing anymore? I mean, disco died, and the club scene? Hmmm… Is dancing dead? …or are we just here on the web instead of out for the evening?
I love dancing, but my husband, typical geek, has no love of the activity, and even less rhythm. I live for dancing in the living room, at every opportunity, however.

Twosome: Polar– Polar bears seem to do well in the snow… How about you? Is snow just another thing you deal with when it shows up, or is it shutdown time? …and if you’re posting from a non-snowy locale, do you make trips to actually see snow? It’s okay to admit it…
When it comes to snow, a childhood split between Colorado and New Jersey, and then, later, three years in South Dakota, means that I have both been there and done that. If I controlled the weather, there would be situational snow, that lasted from the time everyone got to where they were supposed to be on Christmas Eve, and ended just before they needed to leave that place – but other than that, rain is my preferred precipitation, thanks.

Threesome: Bears– Bears? Christmas Bears? Have you seen the number of bears on the shelf this year? Are you getting one for anyone? …or are you looking forward to receiving one? …or do you still think that inguana in the elf outfit is more your style ?
I’m not really a stuffed animal fan. I liked them well enough when I was a child. Well, I do still have the Winnie the Pooh I got when I was a baby, but that’s a nostalgic thing, and I did pout at Fuzzy til he got me the Godiva-bearing (no pun intended) Vamp!Teddy from Barnes and Noble for Halloween. But for the most part I don’t see the point. (Although, last year I accompanied a friend to a Build-A-Bear place, and for a brief time I could see the allure.). So, no, no bears here. Chihuahuas wearing antlers, and toy trains around the Christmas tree, though, yes.