T3: Christmas is Coming

Onesome: Christmas–Hey, an easy start for you, what with the new layout and all: What is your favorite Christmas song? …and sung or played by whom? You know, the one you tend to listen for on the radio or hit ‘repeat’ on the player…

My favorites change depending on my mood. This year, I’m into Oh Holy Night, and Grown-Up Christmas List, but perennial favorites are Silent Night (I especially like the Spanish version), and I’ll Be Home for Christmas.

Twosome: Is– Is the longer “Holiday Season” this year between Thanksgiving and Christmas making it easier to get your Christmas act together? Last year’s was short; has this year flowed any better for you?

This is the first I’ve noticed that there’s any extra time, but, if you say so, I won’t argue. What I don’t like is that in retail Christmas starts in mid-October. But I’ve never liked that.

Threesome: Coming– Ready or not, here it comes! Are you ready? What do you have left to do with just over a week to go? …or are you just cruising?

I’ve done MOST of my shopping, just have to finish wrapping and sending. But I’m also having a party on 12/22, and parents descending on 12/18, so those things are foremost in my mind. Oh, and the carpets…have to clean those still!