I finished the required wordcount (and then some) for NaNoWriMo this year, but hated the story, and had to force it.

Sitting here tonight, way past my bedtime, I’ve suddenly figured out how the same concept could be restructured into a Very Cool Story. It requires reversing the chronoglogy, bringing the whole thing into an alternate NOW and killling the stuff that took place in medieval Italy, and making the male character the lead, and the narrator, but oh, I’m so psyched to re-work it.

I’m convinced that the last seven days of daily updates to my blog are responsible for this flash of insight.

Some credit goes to a friend for posting an entry in her blog, about the snowflake process information, as well. It’s not a process that would work for me, entirely, but the blurbs from the bestseller list, and the one sentence overview have totally helped me focus.

One thought on “Non-NaNo

  1. I’m reminded of someone telling me that all good stories are just so much crap–and then you sift through and start finding the nuggets of gold hidden beneath.

    Strike it rich, babe. ^.^

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