Friday Five

1. What is a fond holiday tradition from your childhood?

As a child, I always had an advent calendar, and sometimes an advent candle, as well. I loved this manner of counting down the days. I still have a calendar, even now.

2. If you could start a new holiday tradition, what would it be?

A literary Christmas gathering, where everyone brings, and reads aloud, their favorite Christmas story, while toasting near a fire, and sipping mulled wine or spiced cider.

3. What is your favorite Christmas song and who sings it?

This changes, but right this moment John Denver singing Silent Night comes to mind.

4. Is there a certain event, food, television program, etc. that makes your Christmastime complete?

Christmas isn’t Christmas without pfefferneusse. And brie. (Not together, but, you know…both foods.) Oh, and The Nutcracker is also an essential part of the holiday season.

5. Does it traditionally snow where you live at Christmastime? If not, do you wish that it did?

As far as I know, it doesn’t snow here, except on rare occaisions. And in my fantasy world it snows everywhere from the moment people get to where they need to be on Christmas Eve, to the moment they have to leave that place after Christmas, just enough to make the world look pristine, and make the lights reflect and twinkle.

I’ve answered questions like this before, recently, but I felt the need for a warm-up writing exercise today.