I looked up from my desk about an hour ago, and saw the most fabulous evening sky. The main part of it was all grey and wintry, looking colder than it actually is, with feathered clouds above the trees, and then, from the west (which, because my office window faces south is the right), streaks of vibrant pink and orange appeared. Alas, the camera was downstairs, and even if it hadn’t been, the angle was wrong to attempt a picture.

Just as it’s evening, as I write this, so today is the evening, nay, the night, of this year. I’ve thought a lot about resolutions, and such, but I’m not going to post a whole list of them, or anything. I have this theory, you see, that the reason most of us don’t make good on our resolutions is that we try to change everything, all at once, and it gets overwhelming, and so we give up. So, just as I’ve tried to make it a rule that I do at least one productive thing every day, I’m going to resolve in very vague forms: to learn something new, to make a new friend, to help someone, and to do something to improve myself. Is this cheating? I don’t think so.

Despite what I posted yesterday, I did not take down the Christmas stuff. I’m going to enjoy it all for another day or so, and then take it down on Sunday, and as a reward, I will change the calendar page – it was always something I looked forward to doing as a child, and I still find a small bubble of delight in doing so as an adult.

Sometimes, at least, I’m easily pleased.