If it’s Sunday, I must be blogging

I've been horribly neglectful of LJ lately, forgetting that not everyone reads the feed from my blog (), or the blog itself (Uber-Caffeinated, which is why all of posted in the last while is answers to the Five Question meme. I had fun with that, by the way. It's better than practicing for soundbites.

Anyway, I've spent the last week in plumbing hell with the house, and we're still in plumbing hell, and then I've been even more of a bookworm than I usually am, but I've done stuff other than reading and blogging, really. Today, for example, we went to see Something's Gotta Give at Camera 7, and quite enjoyed it, even if we were the only people under forty in the theater. (Fuzzy says I'm exaggerating, and there were others there about our age, but clearly he's mistaken :) )

And yesterday I applied for a job I saw on craigslist, that is not only right up my alley, but also has the potential to quadruple my salary, and make me completely autonomous as well. Yes, I'd have to commute to San Francisco, but just imagine how much reading and writing can be done on twice daily CalTrain trips….

This week, I'm doing flyers, because my goal for the quarter is to be the HELOC queen, and I'm also getting my hair done because there's enough of that color that I'm much too young to have that I feel like the Bride of Frankenstein (only with a tan, and less hairspray). I'm thinking of going back to red. I miss red. I was much more self-confident when I had red hair.

So, that's me, half exhausted when it's not even eleven at night yet, because I was up at seven to write. I did have a morning of music discovery, thanks to some wise OpenDiary friends. If you like piano/vocal stuff check out Vienna Teng and Rachael Sage (the latter is much quirkier and less mellow than the former, but both are really interesting.).

And on that note, I'm off to make some tea, and watch Crossing Jordan on A&E.