You are invited to an end-of-summer barbecue in honor of nothing in particular, although the arrival of Melissa's parents, and any August or September birthdays (mine, Fuzzy's) may be acknowledged.

*We* will provide food and drinks, and requests will be taken into consideration.

Who: Melissa & Chris Bartell
When: Sunday August 31st, beginning at 4:30 PM. Yes, this is the day before Labor Day.
Where: Casa Bartell: 440 Halsey Avenue, San Jose, CA
Contact: Melissa: Ofc: 408-557-9880 x204, Res: 408-279-8507, Email: OR leave a message HERE.
Bring: Yourself. Your appetite. A guest or two, as long as I know in advance how many people are coming. And extra lawn chairs if you have them.

Kids and well-behaved dogs are welcome.
Smoking is NOT.

Yes, this is a change from the originally scheduled date of 08/24, caused by the afore-mentioned parents changing their schedules.