XP and Blah-ness

First, I know is one of the people who posted about the RPC Auto-shutdown loop that's driving people batty today. I wanted to add that there are a couple other solutions, at least in XP:

To kill the loop: Make sure system restore is turned OFF, and then run regedit. In HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE | Software | Microsoft | Windows | Current Version | RUN there may be a line for “automatic updates” with a key of msblast.exe. Delete that key. Save. Reboot. (Note: if system restore is not turned OFF first, the line will be rewritten.)

And a quick link for the patch we used: http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=823980

I know the current update of Norton finds the worm, but the patch /prevents/ it. And yeah, I spent half the day yelling at the guys in my office for ignoring the Windows Update alerts.

* * *
Techiness aside, I'm in a blah mood. My shoulders and wrists hurt so much I haven't been sleeping, and I'm trying to avoid too much ibuprofen, and I'm cross and whiney, sometimes both at once, so if I seem scarce, I am, because nothing's inspiring me, and I'm trying to make sure the house is clean before my parents come, and I turn into a twelve-year-old again. We fired someone at work last week, and while intellectually I know it was the right business decision, I feel bad. It was made worse when I opened his drawer to look for a pen this evening, and found brand new Franklin Quest calendars and posters with “Opportunity” on them.

*Hugs* to those who want 'em. Sorry I'm in an antisocial mood. It won't last much longer. I hope.