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In the Snowy Wastes of Pern lies Telgar Weyr, the third location on the Northern Continent selected to become a home to the dragonriders. Yet due to its barren, rocky terrain (well-loved by the Mine and Smithcrafts), it was the last weyr to actually be settled. Despite its speckled past, Telgar is now a thriving community, and defends a sizeable portion of the Northern Continent including Smithcraft Hall, Woodcraft Hall, and Bitra Hold.

Telgar lies blanketed with winter snow, and storms rage just beyond — for all that this provides respite from Threadfall. Yet Nimiriel's gold Daelyth shows signs of being ready to rise, and may well take to the skies any day, now. Soon, then, there will be eggs hardening upon Telgar's sands, and Searchriders bringing worthy Candidates back to the Weyr.

We attempt to make Telgar an open and inviting venue for fun, interesting, and involved roleplay, with an emphasis on cooperation and where everyone from the Senior Weyrwoman to the lowliest drudge is made to feel important and welcomed. Anyone can participate in or help organize and run stories of all stripes, and we value constructive criticism to help make Telgar a better place. We're particularly enthusiastic about Search, as it represents an opportunity for us to bring new riders into the fold; you can take a look here to get an idea of the kind of effort we put into making each hatching, indeed each dragon, special. Females can impress to any color dragon save bronze, and males to any color dragon save gold. Leadership positions are awarded according to merit rather than politics, and with the exception of Weyrwoman and Weyrleader, are open to any rider.
PernMUSH is set during the 10th Pass, with no rediscovery of technology and no AIVAS system, and is the sister MUSH to SouCon MUSH. Please check us out at: 4201, and feel free to contact Tarien, K'ran, Zaidra, Kichevio, or any Telgar Weyr resident for information regarding Search, or see our search pages. Look forward to seeing you there!