*sigh* Tuesday

I haven't been posting much. I've been reading what everyone else is writing, but not posting much, and I feel like a bad houseguest who uses the sheets and doesn't even bother to strip the bed before she leaves.

Thursday, I bought two (only two) books: Cerulean Sins and The Nanny Diaries. By bedtime Thursday night, I was only 1/3 away from finishing the first.

Friday, I bought a new keyboard – a natural one, which used to be my usual, and then it wasn't. I'm still in the stage of getting used to it, where it feels like I'm typing on a basketball. I also bought one of those cute little USB drive / keychain thingies. Well, mine's actually a necklace, not a keychain. But you know what I mean. Just as I was enamoured with the thought of storing data on a stick of gum, I am also intrigued by having 128 MB of storage in something that looks like a cigarette lighter.

Saturday: Finished Cerulean Sins, puttered around the house, went with Fuzzy to Pixel USA to get a new fan for his old system,bought flowers, had a massage. I still ache from the accupressure on my shoulders and arm, and my fingers are still fuzzy, but I don't feel as tight. Which is good. She said if I'm diligent about stretching and resting from keyboard use, and keeping up with the massage, I should be able to feel my fingers by the end of summer. Also good.

Sunday: I finished The Nanny Diaries and mostly puttered. I've been fatigued to the point of it not being funny lately, and I can't figure out why. So I'm trying to boost electrolytes, and drink more water, but anyone who knows me also knows that too much water makes me sick.

Monday: Birthday at the office for CL. Brought cake. We were all in grumpy bitchy crabby moods, and we all bailed around 4:00. Today, I plan to leave as soon as my files are done. I don't have a lot.

I've been scarce on the net because my hand hurts and I'm tired, and I don't want to inflict my mood on other people unless I have no other choice.