This has nothing to do with the film.

This has everything to do with not being able to sleep. Alright, yes, its's after 6:30 in the morning, but I'm spoiled, I don't start work til ten, I never get up this early.

I woke at 6:17, for no real reason, as I've been doing almost every morning for the last month, no matter how late I go to bed. It's a completely random time, and yet, every morning, that's what the clock says.

Cleo pushed me into semi-wakefulness at 5:47, also, because she saw or smelled or heard, or dreamed she saw, smelled, or heard, a cat within a mile of the house. More and more, we think she thinks she's a Staffy (Staffordshire Bull Terrier), at least in part, despite her being only 22 pounds, because she ACTS just like one. And she makes the funniest noises when she's on Patrol, grumbling and warbling to herself as she moves from window to window and then does circuits around the yard. At least, they're cute at more reasonable hours.

So it's early, and I could start the day – take a shower, make coffee, be productive. OR, I could crawl back into bed until nine.

I feel all groggy and disoriented.
Guess which option wins :)