Three Cheers for TechnoCowboy !!!

Despite various jesting comments to the contrary, I really don't like having employees under me, it's just not my thing. Maybe it's because I never got to pick the people I wanted before, and had to just deal with whomever was already around / friends of the boss / cheap to hire.

Or maybe it's just time.

In any case, has only been here for about four hours, and already I feel more productive and less stressed. Already, I can tell we're going to have a phenomenal January, which will hopefully set the trend for the year. I'm so glad W. and B. finally agreed to let me hire someone /I/ wanted, and that timing worked out with the folks he calls the cult. And I'm glad that he was willing to come work here.

I feel bad that today, I don't have time to get him started on anything other than data input, but even that has saved me from having to input and actually PROCESS in one step, cutting my workload in half, at least.

I promise: Things will change, and he'll get more interesting and varied things to do. Really. Soon, even.