Of Hobbits and Holidays

It's been nearly a week since I last posted. I kept meaning to, of course, but it just never happened.

Last night I started an entry, writing on my palm while we were sitting on the ground behind the Century 21 theater waiting for the 8:00 PM show of The Two Towers, but I killed it after a few sentences, when the novelty of having Word at my beck and call had worn off.

Note to self: Must get keyboard for palm.

I won't post a review of the movie. If you want to read reviews I recommend and , for theirs are both well written. I will admit to falling asleep during part of it, and I will confess further that I had more fun watching the people in line, and the people in the crowd, at times, than I did watching the movie itself.

The folks who came in costume, for example, were hilarious, especially the hobbits, with their fuzzy feet flopping like giant beach-sandals on the cold pavement. There was a guy who I vaguely remember being one of the Klingons at the Enterprise premier we went to at the Chabot, who stood up and announced, “Ladies and Gentlemen, I have a cellphone. I am turning it OFF.”

And let's not forget the little kid sitting behind me who was so excited about everything – cheering during the fight scenes, booing the villains, asking typical kid-questions. He was adorable. He even cheered for Bob.

Bob was the person, so the theater manager shared with us just before the seemingly endless coming attractions, who started the line for the 8:00 PM Wednesday show. He started it at 10:00 AM Tuesday. Go, Bob.

Speaking of coming attractions, I lost count at fifty…well, maybe not fifty, but a significant number. Someone was allowed to make a prequel to Dumb and Dumber, which I thought was illegal, and if not, probably ought to be, for example. The only two that looked remotely interesting were the upcoming installments of Terminator and X-Men. The rest…DVD, maybe…but only if Blockbuster and NetFlix are both out of every other movie on the planet, including Psycho Sluts of Satan II.

In other news, our office Christmas party was held today at Benihana, and most of us had a blast with way too many shots of 100% agave Tequila, sake bombs, and more conservative drinks. I may be the only woman in my company, but I was not the only one drinking foofy drinks. Q. had a Tokyo Peach, as well.

It was an interesting party, and featured E. doing his best Stupid Human Trick, which consists of him eating a raw egg, shell and all. Sadly, he chews it, rather than swallowing it whole, like a snake. Ah, well.

And on that note, I'm leaving for France at Dawn on Sunday, and while there are people I wanted to invite over for a Holiday Drink, or Something, I don't think there's time. I still have to pack, and clean the house, and wrap and ship the pressies going to SoDak, and, and, and…

(End Xeni-Babble)