Feeling the Love…

, whom I “know” solely from LJ reading, has posted an entry about loving everything, and while I did mention some things in a comment, I thought I would do my own entry.

1.) I love days like today, when it's rainy and blustery, and there are autumn leaves scattered everywhere, and the sound of cars on the pavement has that rainslicked cadence. I love the smell of the air, and the taste, and I love even more than when I get home I can make a fire and cuddle with the dogs, and just groove on not having to be out in the rain, unless I choose to be.

2.) I love trips to foofy salons (I'm spending much of tomorrow at one), where they don't merely wash your hair, but give you soothing tea, and play mellow music, and massage your scalp, and where, even if you're PMSing, and thinking of the eighty-three thousand things on your TO DO list that MUST be accomplished before you leave for Europe, there's still that peaceful sense of time belonging just to you, because sometimes it's good to be self indulgent.

3.) I love that when I'm feeling really icky I get virtual snugs and hugs, because they do make things better.

4.) I love hot bubblebaths where the water comes up to your ears. I love them more when I have a good mystery to read while I soak, and even more than that when Cleo-Dog is curled up on the bath mat in front of the space heater keeping me company the whole time. (Zorro never lingers in the bathroom. He doesn't like water.)

5.) I love Christmas, even though in my family it's not celebrated as a religious holiday, but more of a neutrally spiritual one. I love the lights, and the smells of cinnamon and nutmeg that I associate with this time of year. I love choosing presents for people, and even though they're currently still taunting me because I'm very very behind, I love sending Christmas cards.

6.) I love that I can sit here in the middle of my work day, and take a few minutes to write this without anyone hovering over me and wondering what I'm doing, or how many loans are going out tonight (answer: ten) or why I'm not on the phone.

7.) I love my husband, who helps with the laundry, and cleans up when the dogs leave “presents” in the house, and brings me flowers every time he goes grocery shopping, and spends six hours finding the perfect birthday card, and calls me from stores to make sure he picks the right brand/color/size/flavor/whatever of whatever-it-is.

And you. All of you. In some fashion, I love you all.