My dog walks on water.

No, really. He does.
Yesterday we covered the pool in order to be able to mow the lawn without getting grass in the pool, and my dogs, neither of whom care that the pool is there, when it's uncovered, both trotted over to investigate.

Cleo, a 25-pound mutt whom we refer to as the Barking Bitch of Beelzebub, mostly affectionately, jumped onto the plastic cover making a sound sort of like this:
*thu-splash-squawk!* She walked a couple of steps then fell off the edge of the cover, into the deep end, and Fuzzy had to bail her out.

Then Zorro, who is a 9.5 pound Chihuahua/JRT mix, decided it was his turn. He went to the opposite side of the pool from where we were comforting Cleo, and and hesitated, backing off a bit when I said in that Warning Tone that pet owners and parents both develop, “No, Zorro.”

But temptation was too great.

He leaped.
He landed. There was no discernable splash, only a perturbed expression on a small doggie-face when he realized his footing wasn't solid. Not even a little. Another couple of bounding steps, and he was on the ground, on our side of the pool. His feet hadn't even gotten wet, till he landed in Cleo's dripped water.

Note to self: Leave pool uncovered when dogs are home alone. It's safer.