Flying without a Net?

So, this weekend we unpacked more boxes. I think other people sneak into our house while we're at work and add more boxes, personally, because no matter how many we unpack, there seem to always be more.

Since we bought a new TV (not big, or anything, only 27 inches, but it has built-in DVD and VHS), on Thursday when I replaced my smooshed laptop, we went looking for TV stands on Saturday, as a break from opening boxes. We'd planned to buy a basic black stand, but they were ugly, and anyway, no one had the model we could live with. Instead, we bought a corner stand made out of pear wood (which blends nicely with our collection of mostly-teak furniture) and steel tubes, and, while it doesn't have nifty drawers in which to hide discs and tapes, it does look cool in the living room, and only blocks a few inches of the front window.

We went looking for guest room furniture, because my mother is coming on the 23rd, and it'd be nice to have a bed for her to sleep in. Cort's clearance center has an entire Mission-ish bedroom suite for $500. And they deliver. Yay, Cort. (If you've never heard of them, they furnish corporate rentals and rent to movie studios and magazines, for layouts and such, then they sell off the used stuff. Inexpensively.)

Yesterday, I felt jet-lagged, and kind of unwrapped some of the pots and pans, stopping when I'd found my quarry: The peanut butter. And we gave the dogs baths.

We still don't have net access, hence the title of this. I feel so crippled without it. So much so that I actually signed up for a dial-up account, just to check mail, but the slowness was too aggravating, so I didn't stay online.

So far, wrt access, our results are this: DSL – too far, and our lines are weird. Ask . He'll explain that in technogeek. Wireless: Too many trees between us and the nearest tower, and we're too far from all the mountain towers. Satellite: The home solutions don't support networked computers (at least DirecTV doesn't, and Sprint no longer sells new access), and the corporate version is $1795 to set up + $119/month + extra if you want tech support, and they won't guarantee a speed. Cable: Not available in our neighborhood. Which leaves us with wrangling low prices for T1. Fuzzy says he might get $240 month as an employee at his company. I can deal with that.