I have spent the entire day dealing with people who collectively have maybe one working brain-cell. I began my day in a happy buzz, after using my favorite conditioner in the shower, and getting a pumpking scone at Starbucks. (Yay, pumpkin scones. Not quite as good as Morning Glory muffins, but…)

But then it got worse.

BitchyBorrower called after her loan documents were in title to ask if now was an okay time to lower her loan amount. Um…no. Last week when we told you we were drawing docs would have been the time to ask. Which we told you. Twice.

DumberThanRocksAppraisalCompany called to ask me the square footage of the house they're appraising. I said, “Doesn't the appraiser have to tape the perimeter and measure?” Well, yes. “And wouldn't that help him come up with square footage?” response: Oh.

And Now there's Homophobic DocDrawer. We're doing a loan for two of my mother's best friends, and this post is locked because if they read it and knew this they'd be screaming. Kass and Libby are two of the coolest women ever, and one of the few lesbian couples to participate in the last gay marriage thing in SFO, and, like most of my mother's friends, are radical activists. NOT women you want to cross.

We moved their loan from FabulousRates lender because they tried to make them sign separate applications, and we refused to let that happen. Then, two days ago, my title rep from NewLender said, “They drew the docs based on the pre, not on the application or the doc order. Help.”

So I called the lender. D. didn't call me back, but apparently sent my message to the doc dept. Who also didn't call me back. Today, we hammered on them some more. Our rep said, “Well, the preliminary title report doesn't reflect married names, and anyway that's not recognized in CA.” I said, “It's no different than a divorced person going back to their former name. THis is why we gave you name change paperwork.”

So we battled, and finally Susan, who is really the loan officer, and has more time to talk than I do, called D. and said, “Either you call me back, or I call the press and tell them you're discriminating.”

He called back.
He was pissed.
Apparently, the doc-drawer OVERRODE the underwriter's instructions and changed the names to match the pre. Without authorization.

Stupid. Stupid. And almost a nightmare.

So, I'm tired of dealing with people who can't think.
And I'm tired of having to resort to threats and blackmail to get people to do their jobs.

And I'm done ranting now.