Romanza-Induced Rambling

I'm sitting here wrapped in a huge purple bath sheet trying to figure out what to write about. I've been lax about that, lately, what with giving into my survey-sluttiness, and all.

I'm listening to Andrea Bocelli's Romanza, which is one of my favorite cd's to write with. Since I don't completely understand the lyrics, I'm not distracted, and while his voice is hardly on a par with Carreras or Domingo, it's quite nice to listen to.

Speaking of Carreras (as in Jose, the tenor) I had a crush on him for about six months, after I saw the 'making of' the operatic recording of West Side Story. I guess I have weird taste. But then, Zubin Mehta is still on my list of the sexiest men of all time. I have a 'thing' for conductors, you see.


We went shopping again yesterday, and I informed Fuzzy that we are not going near Fry's for at least a week :). Three trips in one week is more than enough. Thursday, we bought my new Vaio notebook, and then Friday, Fuzzy jumped on the bandwagon and bought /his/ new Vaio Notebook. Yesterday we purchased two LCD monitors, as we're slowly replacing the old Gateway monitors we had. They're only 15-inches, but really, that's adequate, and the video is so much sharper, that I like the size. )Besides, two of them fit nicely on my desk).

We still have some shopping missions this weekend. We need new sheets because none of our old sheets fit the new bed, and because I just like having new sheets. I've said before that my favorite thing in life is being still-faintly-pink from a day in the sun, coming home, showering, and then slipping into a bed freshly made with cool, soft, cotton sheets.

Fuzzy, of course, has to be difficult. He thinks cold sheets are bad. But why would I trust the opinion of a man who wears a parka in July?


I have two missions for the week, already lined up:
1) Call the a/c installer. I will not go another summer without central air. Since we have central heat already, I was told they don't need to put in new ducts.
2) Passports. I know we don't really need them for Canada, but we're talking about going to the South of France, or somewhere in Italy for Christmas, and we'll need them then.


I suppose one can't stay enshrouded in purple terry-cloth all day, comfortable as it may be. So I'm wandering away to find clothes now. Does getting dressed count as my 'one productive thing' I wonder?