Made This One Up!

1. Name (in whatever form):
Xenobia (I still have this reluctance about using my real name on the net)

2. Your favorite time of day is…? Why?
The hour just before full dawn, on the rare occaisions I'm awake to see it. It's so full of peace and possibility.

3. You're about to be stranded on an island. You can only bring three things. What are they?
1) A book: Everything You Ever Needed to Know About Surviving on an Island
2) Some kind of butane lighter. I refuse to sit around rubbing sticks.
3) Fuzzy. Because being stranded alone would be horrible.

4. What's the last trip away from home that you took?
I haven't travelled much this year. I spent most of last summer in NYC though.

5. What's your dream vehicle?
Appolo's chariot…oh, um, seriously? I really miss the turquoise MG-B we had when I was a kid. It was fun.

6. How many pairs of shoes do you own?
Um…I stopped the mental tally at 20.

7. What'd you have for breakfast?
What is this 'breakfast' you speak of?

8. You've had the day from hell. How do you relax after it?
Hot bath, good book, steaming coffee.

9. The name of your favorite drinking establishment that you now or used to haunt?
I've never been one for bars. Sorry, just not my scene. Too loud, too noisy, ick! And I hate places that have televisions. So my favorite hangout would be Mission City Coffee Roasting Company, when it was new and Boston and his family still owned it.

10. If you could take all of your friends somewhere for two hours and hang out, where would it be?
I don't think there is a single place that all my friends would like. Oh…that bookstore in Portland that's like a whole city block in size, and that I just forgot the name of. I'd go there.

11. The numbers in your street address/apartment number are…

12. If it were a cloudless, super sunny day, 75 degrees and no humidity outside, what would you be doing?
Filling out this survey? :) Um, we take the dogs to the beach a lot. Always an adventure.

13. Banquet or BBQ?

14. Favorite “pick me up” song(s)?
Sister Hazel or Smash Mouth both have the ablily to shake my mood. But then, so does the soundtrack from The Scarlet Pimpernel

15. Any vices?
Other than the net? Carbs. And cheese. I don't eat a lot of sweets, but bread, cheese, pasta…those are my comfort foods.

16. Any weird thing about you that you don't mind sharing?
It takes me a long, long time to warm up to people, even to people I achingly want to get to know. It's not rudeness, or disinterest, it's fear. It's a combination of having changed schools every two years for almost my entire life, and then moving enough times after that the pattern was set. After a while, you stop bothering to make friends.

17. Ever been on a hayride?

18. Ever swam in the ocean?
I learned to swim in the Atlantic, nearly drowned in the Pacific, and have splashed merrily around in the Gulf of California (formerly known as the Sea of Cortez).

19. Do you separate your laundry? IE whites, darks, etc?
Yes. The crucial part is keeping reds away from everything else.

20. Ever break a bone? If so, which one and when?

21. Anything that you do (or did) that might surprise people about you?
I spent two (separate) weeks studying Shakespeare in Ashland, OR.

22. Fir tree or palm tree?
Redwood and palm. I can see both from here.

23. Favorite weather?
Cool, rainy, with patches of 70-ish sunshine.

24. It's 8 am on a weekday. What are you doing?
Sleeping. My workday starts at ten, so I'm rarely up before nine.

25. Most expensive toy you ever bought yourself?
Cars and houses don't count as toys? My collection of computers, I suppose, or, because sometimes I do leave the keyboard, my collection of kitchen appliances.

26. What generation did you grow up in?
I refuse to call myself a Gen-Xer bercause I've never felt like one.

27. What's the best driving music?
We seem to play a lot of soundtracks and pop. But it depends on the mood.

28. Star Wars or Star Trek?
Trek, please. I am so not a Star Wars fan.

29. Do you want children?
Sometimes. More often than not, these days.

30. The last person you said “I love you,” to?

31. Your favorite 'out on the town' outfit?
Summer: A white bluse with a ruffled neckling and a pale silvery straight skirt with silver, grey, and lavender paisley
Winter: Cream colored sweater and chocolate velvet pants, and my black heels with the gold trim.

32. Your favorite 'indulge myself' shower/bath accessory?
Essential Elements makes rosemary and peppermint bath gel, shampoo, conditioner, soap. It's like $12/bottle, but I love it and it makes me happy.

33. The last professional sports event you went to?
Does figure skating count? But then, that was just an exhibition. I'm really not a sports fan.

34. Ever been to a Broadway show?
Yes both on Broadway (thank got for standing in line at the TKTS booth), and elsewhere.

35. Are you a survey slut?
I am a Survey Goddess. :)