If You’re Not Part of the Solution . . .

. . .You're part of the problem. At least, that's what I've always believed.

So today I took a step I should not have taken – I posted a note to ISW's weyrlings admonishing them (some might say 'reaming' them) for not meeting the WLMstaff half way.

I'm not usually the reaming type. I'm the one who sits and observes and makes rare comments. While I can lead, if I have to, I'm not at my best in the spotlight, preferring to be behind the scenes. Well, usually. And it's not even that I'm shy, as it is that it takes me a while to warm up to people.

There are a few notable exceptions to this. My husband and are among them.

In any case, I posted what I did because I was angry. Because more than one of the WLMstaff had been venting to me about the current weyrlings. Are they evil? Well no. But as a class they have missed more collective lessons, and been more lax about responding to things than any collection of weyrlings I've ever seen. I've heard people at other weyrs talking about how they complain about each other, how classes never happen. I've seen a really good WLM want to quit. And the afore-mentioned who was actually looking forward to being active with the weyrlings is now even more bitter than he was when we met, if that's even possible.

I blame myself for wanting to help. I meant well. I thought lighting a fire under some asses would make them realize that their inactivity wasn't just affecting them.

I blame myself for 's increased bitterness and apathy.

I blame myself for not speaking up sooner when it might have actually helped, instead of seething about it.

I should have cleared it with my WL's, yes, but I thought that if it came from me, who has no real influence over weyrlings, it might be looked upon as less a reprimand than an observation.

Clearly I was wrong.

And so Ista may lose a bronzerider. And Ista needs bronzeriders – active bronzeriders – very badly. I am expendable. They are not.

So I sent a resignation. Do I really want to resign? Well, no, but I also don't want the weyr to remain at odds with each other. And if I can take a fall for this, what's one caverns person among many?