Go Blasphemy!

So, if you don't already know this, I'm not one for organized religion. That being said, if you are, and specifically if you're Catholic, you may want to not read the rest of this.

PETAs baby Jesus shocker (from The Scoop):
A new ad campaign that shows the Virgin Mary breastfeeding Jesus has shocked and infuriated some members of the Catholic Church.

A billboard recently went up in Jackson, Miss., showing the image and the words, If It Was Good Enough for Jesus . . . . The sign has already caused a stir in the town, where some area residents demanded it be removed.

The people behind the ad say that's not likely to happen. “What should seriously offend the people of Mississippi is that they have the highest rate of infant mortality and the lowest rate of breastfeeding” said Bruce Friedrich of PETA, the group behind the billboard, which can be seen here.

The dairy industry, a multibillion dollar industry, profits off of the suffering of! mothers who dont know that theyre harming their babies by feeding them dairy products.
But People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals not only refuses to take down the billboard, the activist group is going nationwide with the campaign. That has some
religious groups complaining that the image is blasphemous.

“They've gone too far this time,” Catholic League president William Donohue told
the Scoop. “The idea of showing the Blessed Mother breastfeeding baby Jesus to make a cheap point about vegetarian rights is outrageous.”

And for the curious, here's the billboard:

Foofy food…

So, our title rep insisted that he be allowed to take us to lunch today. And since we're a casual office, we were suggesting boring usual lunch spots, like Hobees.

D. would have none of that. “No,” he insisted, “We're going someplace nice. After all Big Title Company is paying.”

Now, I have been known to frequent several of San Jose's trendiest restaurants, Stratta and The Agenda among them (the latter, by the way, is the best place to watch downtown action w/o being part of it), but of course, I didn't think of this, so D. called his friend CommercialBroker, and got a referral.

We ended up going to Le Papillon, a white-tablecloth French restaurant on Saratoga.

Now, D. and E., my lunchmates, are very sweet men. E. is 37, father of a ten-year-old, and he and his longterm SO just bought a very cool house in Felton. D. is trendy, and thinks 30 is 'old'. (He's the Title Rep). Neither of them frequent such restaurants, and while E. is old enough that he can blend, D. was not. Now, I may live in comfy sloppy clothes most of the time, but I'm not a stranger to this atmosphere, and yes, I can pull off the image of being a lady who lunches. When I want to.

There's an art to such places, even when you aren't having two-martini lunches. You have to be able to pull off casual superiority. You also need to know which fork to use, and that if you're unfamiliar with French food, steak is always a safe bet.

So, we all had their crab cocktail (Dungeness Crab Cocktail with Avocado, Grapefruit and Pepper-Vodka Tomato Water), which was light and yummy, and hey, free buzz! E. had steak. D. ordered wild mushroom raviolli, which was not a wise choice for someone who associates raviolli with Chef Boyardee. And I didn't think to caution him that he'd not like it.

I had salmon in ginger and kumquat sauce, on a corn-patty. It wasn't the best salmon I've ever had, but it wasn't the worst, and I loved the sauce.

We skipped dessert.

And when I got back to our admittedly-dingy office, I looked around and realized how much I hate my job, and being required to follow someone else's schedule (no matter how flexible), and how much I wish I could con someone into paying me to write for a living.


Is it Friday yet?