-Finally I have my very own player's guide for 7th Sea. Now I can write notes in the margins, and dog-ear pages, and stuff. I suppose I should learn to use pencil for this – but I detest pencils, and, with the exception of ScanTron ™ forms, I haven't used a pencil since about ninth grade.

-Finally, we have new IP's A block of 16, 13 of which we get to allocate for our own uses. No more do my laptop and my other desktop need to share. And now when my mother visits we can offer her access that won't interfere with our own. Woo. I think this means our MUSHes will be back up as well. Or not. It's a mood thing.

-Finally, I don't have to wear stupid eye shields to bed, and I'm sleeping better without them. Also, I don't have to scrub tape residue off my face any more.

Saturdays so rock.