28 Plays Later 2024 – Brief 02 – The Math/Numbers Challenge: Circles and Commas

Circles and Commas


An excerpt from CIRCLES AND COMMAS:

ZOE (annoyed): Is it flat-flat, or android flat?

BASIL (perplexed): As we have discussed many times, there is no such thing as ‘super android tuning.’

ZOE (still annoyed): No, but there is super android hearing, isn’t there.

BASIL: It is true that I can discern sounds that humanoid ears would be oblivious to, Zoe, but my audio processors do not alter the sounds themselves.

Read the entire play here: 002 – 2402.02 – Circles and Commas

28 Plays Later 2024 – Brief 01 – the TLC Challenge: The Lost Cow

The Lost Cow



Scene: the front porch of a weathered farmhouse. GLADYS enters from a door, center, and sees something in the distance.


George! Tyler’s little calf is on our lawn again. Hasn’t he fixed that fence yet? This is the third time this week the poor thing’s gone stray.


(off stage)

Guess I better call him to come get it.



I guess you’d better come out here and lead the calf to our barn. It’s supposed to freeze tonight, and that creature’s too young to stay in the open. (beat) George? (another beat) George, I mean now!



I heard you, and I’m coming! You don’t need to scream your fool head off, woman. You’ll scare the calf away.

GEORGE enters from the same center door. He’s wearing denim overalls, and a baseball cap with the CAT logo on it. He’s carrying a rope lasso, which he swings as he moves


Alright, I’m here, now where’s the calf you’re so concerned about?



Over there, by the horse trough. Be careful you don’t trip, it’s dark out there.

GEORGE steps off the porch and disappears upstage left. There’s the sound of a lasso being twirled.


(off stage)

Oof! Hold it there. Now c’mon closer. I ain’t gonna hurt you.

From offstage there is a loud MOOO and then Blackout.

Read the entire play here: 001 – 2402.01 – The Lost Cow