28 Plays Later 2024 – Brief #12 – The Trilogy Challenge (Part I): Rochambeau Rumble





Gentlebeings  – and not so Gentlebeings – welcome to this year’s Rochambeau Rumble, where an intergalactic panel of players tries to win the ultimate game of Rock, Paper, Scissors. Let’s meet them. Rock, who are you and where are you from?


Name’s Thaaj. From Tellarus. I work as a blaster in the flobutnum mines. Got a wife and a son who’s gonna be a miner like me some day. (beat) I will crush the competition. (Rock holds his arm up, one hand in a fist.)


Alright, next is Paper. Tell us about yourself.


I’m Laihaina from Serenity, and I’m a schoolteacher in the Interplanetary School on Novelus Two. I don’t want to boast, but I’m pretty sure I’ve got my competitors all wrapped up.  (Paper extends one arm in front of her, her hand flat like paper.)


Well good luck to you, Paper. I hope your students are watching tonight and cheering you on. Scissors, you’re up.


I’m Aelak of Fiskar. I’m a cardio-thoracic resident, and I’ve never lost a patient. I plan to cut through the competition. (He extends his arm to the side, his hand in a scissors position.)

ANNOUNCER (nervous laughter):

Well, that’s great, Scissors. Thanks for that. (recovers) Audience, the stage is set, the players all seem pretty confident. (shifts to a Monster Truck announcer voice): Let’s get ready to RUMBLE!  (beat) Round one begins now. Players… take your marks.

Read the Entire Play:  012 – 2402.15 – Rochambeau Rumble

Important Note:

This play mentions three different charities, all of them are real, and I hope you’ll consider throwing some or all of them a few bucks:

Paper for Water

Doctors Without Borders

The Halo Trust