Just as the Madrillenos (citizens of Madrid) greet the morning with churros and chocolate, the Mexicans have a tradition of eating buñuelos at Christmas time.

Traditionally, these are caseras  – homemade. You can’t typically buy them in stores, though sometimes you might pass someone selling them on the street. (We had Lupita make a bunch for us, both for the posada we hosted on Saturday evening, and to eat with hot chocolate this morning.) Also traditionally, you make them and gift them to other people.

So what are buñuelos? Well, they’re about the diameter of a corn tortilla, but they’re typically made of wheat flour, milk, sugar, and egg, fried into a light, thin, crispy crepe-like thing, and then sprinkled with cinnamon sugar while they’re still warm.

After that, you can dress them up, or not. The most popular thing to do is drizzle them with honey, but I like them plain, dipped in piping-hot cocoa.

They crunch at first, then melt in your mouth – just a touch of sweetness. But unlike churros, these are only made at Christmas.

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