Merriment and Mishaps

Earlier tonight, I filled the tub with hot water and bubbles, lit the lavender candle I bought at Aveda, the votive I keep in one of the four remaining monogrammed highball glasses that were part of a set my grandparents owned (the other three having been distributed to my mother and her sisters. I’m the favorite grandchild, so I got the fourth), and the pine-scented candle that was a gift from our friends J & B when they were here over Thanksgiving, and had a nice long soak.

Normally on weekend nights, I’ll turn on NPR, but the local station was talking about football (soccer) standings – a relay from the BBC, obviously, and while I don’t mind watching a match now and again, it doesn’t make a good bath mood.

UVERSE, however, is packed full of URGE radio stations, including tI’dhe Holiday Channel, so I turned the television to that station and let Elvis, Johnny, Frank, Bing, Perry, & Nat serenade me while I let a tourmaline-charged “radiance” masque work on my face. I had a book, but really wasn’t in the mood to read. It was enough merely to soak, splash, and sing softly from time to time.

The plan was to finish the bath, have a cup of herbal tea and a slice of banana bread, and then go to bed, as we have pre-church choir rehearsal at 8:30 in the morning, but that didn’t happen, because as soon as I had settled myself against the pillows, with my laptop perched just where I like it, Miss Cleo came racing in from the cold, dark OUTSIDE, to jump on the bed and promptly puke her guts out all over the pillows. Because she’s remarkably talented, she even managed to get puppy puke inside the pillow cases.

While it was about time to change the bed sheets, neither of us had planned on doing so at 11:36 at night.

Now, finally, the bed is settled, the dogs are settled, and I’m about to log off and declare “lights out,” both on this blog post, and this evening.

Good night, everyone.