It wasn’t so much a lamplight day, today as it was a firelight day. With the sky a bleak and particularly chilly shade of gray, the temperature hovering around 30 degrees, and my husband of to company headquarters in Florida at dawn, I really wanted nothing more than to declare the day “Pajama Monday,” and never leave bed.

Instead, I caught up on sleep missed because I woke up when Fuzzy did, around four, and then could not get back to sleep until after seven, took a sinfully hot shower, and moved my laptop into the living room, on a snack tray near the big blue chair. I brewed a pot of Caribou Coffee’s Mahogany Blend, set a duraflame log ablaze in the fireplace, and turned on the Lifetime Movie Network, for a day of cheerfully bad Christmas movies and the writing of articles for work.

Sadly, I had no focus. It took me four hours to generate 627 words of text, and then I forgot to incorporate the requested keywords. Seeing Wil Wheaton’s tweet that he’d accomplished roughly twice that in six hours made me feel marginally better, in that at least I wasn’t the only wordslinger struggling with the concept of putting one word in front of another in an orderly (and coherent) fashion, today. (It should be noted that while I follow Wil’s tweets, he does not follow mine, nor do I expect him to. I’ve seen people who follow celebs bitch when they don’t get followed back, and that irks me to no end.)

I made a meatloaf sandwich, finished the tail end of the cranberry sauce leftover (and frozen) from Thanksgiving, drank more coffee, let the dogs out, let the dogs back in, and watched the weather reports. I love that cold weather constitutes a “weather event” here. It amuses me that people get freaked out about the number on the thermometer. I was also amused by the phrase “frozen drizzle” to define the sort of barely-perceptible precipitation we are currently experiencing.

The thing is, “frozen drizzle” seems like something that should be garnishing a frappucino, not falling from the sky, and while I was chilly earlier today, two Duraflame logs and copious amounts of coffee, cocoa, water, and Danish butter cookies (the kind in the blue tin – totally unhealthy but oh-so-addictive) later, my body is tired, and my brain…

It’s still frozen.