Media Monday: Mamma Mia

It opened here on Friday, and we saw it on Sunday, and loved it. It’s fluff, but it’s joyful fluff, and reminded me of being seven years old and knowing the lyrics to all of ABBA’s music. I had to be restrained to keep from singing along. (Note: there needs to be a sing-along Mamma Mia in the same vein as the sing-along Sound of Music.)

As we were leaving, Fuzzy said, “So we’re buying this on DVD as soon as it comes out, right?”

As if there’s any question.

P.S. The calendar may say “Tuesday,” but as I haven’t been to bed yet, it’s still “Monday” to me.

3 thoughts on “Media Monday: Mamma Mia

  1. it’s good you saw Mamma Mia as a counter to the darkness of The Dark Knight :-)

    I’m not an ABBA fan in the least, but I’ve heard such great things about this movie, I might check it out.

  2. I’ve seen the theatrical version here in Las Vegas four times and love it more each and every time. Sadly, it is leaving soon.

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