Powerful – AGAIN

I’m still loving my mobile router from Powerful Signal, so much so that I’ve done a video review about it. It uses images from trips to SoDak, where I’d have given my eye teeth and Zorro’s too if I’d had one then. As it was, I still have nightmares about the ‘net withdrawl I went through on that trip.

Here’s why I’m so tickled that I got to receive one of these cellular routers to play with:

  1. It’s compact. About the size of an answering machine.
  2. The folks who work at Powerful Signal are incredibly nice. It came pre-configured, and they answered all my emailed questions in record time.
  3. The signal from this router is usually stronger than the signal I get from the wifi router wired into my Uverse connection.
  4. Even without pre-configuration, setup takes five minutes. One disk, two plugs, and a cardslot.
  5. It works anywhere there’s a cell signal. So, pretty much, unless I’m in the no-signal zone in the Mohave Desert, I have net. And so do you.

About the only thing I’d do to improve this product is make it run on batteries. Or a car charger, although there’s a model that does the latter, I think. Even so, I’m planning to take it with me to San Francisco next month…just in case the advertised wifi at the hotel doesn’t work the way it’s supposed to.

Oh, and, here’s my review, in words and still images, because for some reason my computer is not detecting the integrated camera.