Bibliotica Lives!

It’s been roughly two months since I’ve updated my bookblog at Bibliotica, but I have been reading a lot. Most recently, I finished Water for Elephants and I’m currently reading The Man of My Dreams by the same person who wrote Prep.

While I haven’t yet re-vamped the skin (need to do that soon), I have added one of those astore pages, you know, the kinds that sell Amazon books and give you a kickback? I have NOT linked to it in this article because it’s not quite live yet. Look for it on Sunday or Monday.

I have two more novellas to read before Algonkian. I’m in this zone where I’m both terrified and excited. Expect that to be the case until August 4th, when I leave.

And keep thinking good thoughts, please?

4 thoughts on “Bibliotica Lives!

  1. the biggest and best of thoughts my darling!
    I willwrap you in my mother love even more than usual.
    And armed withthe hot pink , sequined “Univeral Blend’ tote you shall vanquish Bagdad by the Bay.

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