Still Not Productive

But that’s actually okay, because Sundays should be lazy whenever possible. We lounged around this morning, cuddling the dogs and talking, and now Fuzzy’s out getting a hair cut, and when he returns we’ll go get a few groceries, pet food, and maybe hit Jamba and/or Starbucks.

I spent a few hours today surfing San Francisco hotels and Tuscany villa rentals. The former I need for August. (OMG four months!) the latter, was just for fun. Maybe next year we’ll spend a month in Italy. Or I will. Fuzzy’s job doesn’t allow him the luxury of long rambling vacations.

Last night I had fresh strawberries for the first time in years. I’ve been going through a phase where I couldn’t eat them, I thought it was a true allergy, but I think it was a reaction to the summer of 2004, when I practically lived on strawberries, and then one day my body decided it had had enough of them.

They’re such a cheery fruit, and set so erotic as well.

We went out for sushi last night, to Hanasho, to celebrate me getting into the concert. Hanasho does great bento boxes, but Sushi Zone, despite their silly name and slightly disreputable location in the back of a fading strip mall in Arlington, does better sashimi plates.

I should go shower, but I’m enjoying my lazy mood too much to break it.

Oh, well.

2 thoughts on “Still Not Productive

  1. sometimes, I have to have one of those days of not doing much at all as it’s the only way I am able to recharge……

  2. Lounging around sounds like bliss! I can’t remember the last time I did that kind of thing. I always have far to much to do and I don’t relax unless it’s done!

    I love fresh strawberries but the ones we get in the UK are often forced and can be a little sour. The English strawberries in the summer are best, when you cna pick your own :)

    Here form Michele’s and it’s been too long since I last visited!

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