tlhIngan Hol Dajatlh’a’

Drink: Francis Ford Coppola Merlot
Scent: BPAL Intrigue
Warm-ups: Woosh!Bong, Blind Woosh!Bong, FuzzyDuck, Big Buddha
Games: Do-Rap, Blind Line (blue), Slide Show (red), Changing Emotions/Styles (red), Moving Bodies (blue), Five Things (blue), Dance Party (red), Story, 185

I spent the day writing about Buicks, then wandered downstairs to make grilled cheese and tomato soup for lunch, managing to make one perfect sandwich which I graciously gave to Fuzzy, and then, burn two, though between them I managed to salvage almost a whole sandwich. Strangely, this simple meal was exactly what I needed. Fuzzy ate quickly, but I lingered, reading a newly arrived book, I’ve Been Around, by Tanya Aebi, about her experiences with charter cruises and other boating adventures. She’s this really cool woman who, when she was 17, sailed around the world in a 22-food sailboat. Alone.

At four, I went to nap before getting ready for ComedySportz. It’s that time of the month when I want to spend a lot of time curled up in bed with a heating pad and intravenous chocolate, but playing with my friends was almost as comforting. I say almost because two people were seriously injured backstage, and the night was off-kilter. Still it was a good show, if not a great show, and I know I shocked and surprised my troupemates by using real Klingon when it was called for in one of the games. Yes, I AM a Trekkie, thank you.

At five thirty, I got up and got dressed, but really wanted to go back to sleep. A chocolate chai from Starbucks helped a little. Laughter helped more. We warmed up, cooed over injured friends, played a game that wasn’t the best but was still enjoyable. Afterward, we went to dinner, and now I’m home with dogs and laptop, working on a creative project.

And craving chocolate.

Got any?

4 thoughts on “tlhIngan Hol Dajatlh’a’

  1. Um….Klingon? I don’t think I’ll be able to communicate with you.

    Ahhh, but the language of chocolate, THAT I understand perfectly!!!!

    Here from Michele’s.


  2. I’ve got plenty of chocolate here, Melissa. At least in that one regard you’d like my house. It’s rare that I don’t have at least 10 pounds of chocolate around. I hate the idea of running out!

    The woman, girl really, must have been amazingly brave to sail around the world like that. I can’t imagine ever doing it.

    Your lunch sounds wonderful and it’s so sweet that you gave Fuzzy the perfect sandwich. He’s so lucky to have you, Melissa! I might copy your example and have a grilled cheese sandwich tonight. I’ve only got 2 slices of cheese left so it’ll have to be just one (I use two slices per sandwich).

    Michele sent me to see you!

  3. Wow, Klingon? I think that’s really cool. Of course I couldn’t understand a thing you might say… including the title of the post. heh.

    But the internet is very wise and says: ghobe’

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