Snape to It

If you play in the Potter-verse at all, you probably know that today is the birthday of one Severus Snape – the character, not the actor behind him. In honor of the day, I’ve snarked at the dogs, worn black, and swabbed my friend Janet‘s self blended Snape perfume on each wrist. I’m too congested to actually review it and pick out notes, so go bug her about it, but I do like it.

I’d hoped to update some of my SnapeFic but instead I’ve been trying to beat strep throat (throat is no longer sore, just dry and scratchy to the point where I sound like the bastard love child of Rod Stewart and Kim Carnes), and writing car reviews for my new job. I’m sort of intrigued by the Honda Fit just now, especially as we’ll be seeking a second car sometime this year.

I’m currently on a quest for new stationery, so if you have any you want to get rid of, or any that you love and want to recommend, do let me know. I’ve joined the Letter Writing Team at Soldiers’ Angels so in addition to sending mail to my two officials each week, I’m also sending letters or cards to at least one unofficial and sometimes to people who’ve requested TLC (or had it requested for them). That’s a lot of letter writing, but it makes me happy, and it’s kind of fun.

And on that note: I have a mug of chai waiting to be sipped and cold chai is pretty gross.

2 thoughts on “Snape to It

  1. “I sound like the bastard love child of Rod Stewart and Kim Carnes” Whoa, sexy :-)

    I like the name Snape and the idea of Potter, but it put me to sleep.

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