Horse Pills…

…seem an unlikely form of medication for a condition that involves a sore throat, but horse pills are what I have, nevertheless. It’s only been two days of medicine taking, and I still feel blechy. My ears don’t hurt quite as much, but swallowing is still really painful, and I just feel achy and off-kilter. I’ve slept more in the last two days than I ever do in a week, normally.

The dogs keep guarding me, pressing their small furry bodies as close to me as they can, and growling if I sneeze or cough. They’re not accustomed to me being horizontal for this long. Fuzzy, of course, relishes any excuse not to have to be awake.

The bright spot in the weekend was the arrival in the mail of the DVD of Superman Returns, accompanied by a “mystery pack” of Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab imps purchased from a delightful member of the BPAL Madness forum. I think they smell good, but until I can actually breathe, I won’t be certain.

Nothing much else to say tonight. Gonna go eat something soft and soothing, and then go back to sleep.

One thought on “Horse Pills…

  1. I can’t help but notice how many bloggers are posting about being sick as we head back into 2007. What gives?

    I wish nothing but health, happiness and great movies for you in the days and months to come. You bring so much brightness to us through your blog that it doesn’t seem fair that you should be waylaid by a bug.

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