Came home from working concession at the show after the CSZ show tonight (and which was very funny, and enjoyable) with words spinning in my head, and lofty plans to sketch out a story that is intended to fill a gap in my SnapeFic series (as well as serve as a belated birthday gift for Janet, who always leaves such sweet comments in BOTH my blogs), and instead of writing, have gotten lost in netsurfing and sort of watching Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets yet again, to get the speech patterns back in my head.

But did I write? Nope. Not a word. Except here. Which doesn’t count.

(Have I mentioned that I love sentence fragments almost as much as parenthetical clauses and aliiteration? Well, now I have.)

I spent 53.25 hours at work last week, which mean, thanks to a phenomenal number of closings in May (I beat the threshhold number for the top level spiff. Go me.), as well as the oodles of overtime, my checks for the next two periods should be big enough to cover the Edge card I need for my laptop as well as an actual iPod and getting my highlights redone. Tech before primping though.

Fuzzy has an interview on July Sixth for a big promotion at work. Send job karma then.

Am still prepping for BLOGATHON 2006. I’m still vacillating about my charity of choice. So far the leading contenders are Habitat for Humanity and First Book. Any thoughts?

Am almost finished reading Spirits in the Wires, my second CDL book, about the Internet as a sort of faerie borderland. Interesting concept, love the characters, have become quite the fan of this author.

Have been up far too many hours today. Awake at 5:30, at WORK two hours later, although, there was breakfast. These last two weeks have really messed up my sleep. I’m NOT a morning person. But I’ll be starting July with an approved pipeline of like 25 loans, so it’s not all bad. And training liked my resume.

Sleep now.

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  1. Gosh, my highlights are almost as expensive as an ipod…..or about half as much. But both purchases are very satisfying.

    Good luck to Fuzzy.

    If loving musicals makes one a geek, I guess I’m a geek, too. But a geek with highlights. : )

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