Holding Hands with Strangers (and other adventures)

I haven’t updated in forever. I could use the excuse of work, because there have been an inordinate number of stupid people calling lately, and we’ve got a reduced staff because half of us are in training (why oh why do these trainers think we need to have the entire product matrix READ TO US? This is not training. This is mass torture.)

Or I could be honest and just say I’ve meant to write, but there’s this really compelling HP slash-fic (Snarry, actually) that I had to finish, and then, my own het OFC fic that has been speaking to me, and I’m working on a serious short story for Glimmer Train‘s July contest, and then there’s ALSO work.

Here’s the week in review:
Boss announced at 6:50 that we may as well leave early. Gee, a whole ten minutes. We hadn’t had a call into the queue since five, and the doc drawers were already gone. Fuzzy really wanted to see X-Men: The Last Stand, so we went to Cedar Hill directly from work. I was tired, and popcorn does not a nutritious dinner make, but the movie was enjoyable. If you’re one of the five people who has not seen this movie yet, and has not already been told, It is essential that you sit through the credits.

Saturday, was my first day working the door at ComedySportz, and mainly it involved polishing metal stanchions and holding hands with entering audience members (so I could stamp them with fuschia lips), before they were seated. (Hence the title).

Sunday, we slept through the time allotted for choir rehearsal. I went to the phone to call, realized I hadn’t checked vm in a couple days (people who know us know to email if a response is required, or call our cells), and found that we hadn’t missed rehearsal, there wasn’t one. Attendance is generally light on holiday weekends, anyway. Went back to bed intending to get up and go in time for mass, but there was an incident with the alarm clocks that wasn’t happy, so, we lingered at home, watching eps of Dr. Who and John Doe from the tivo.

Sunday evening was my first workshop with the ComedySportz crew. I was terrified, and not very energetic, but I had fun, and learned a lot. Also, any workshop that does not involve doing BUNNY is a good workshop for me. As a result of this workshop, at which I demonstrated my complete and total lack of Gibberish-speaking skills, I begged my friend Clay for help/advice/a miracle cure. He made some valid suggestions, most of which come down to turning off the inner editor. Note to self: Ask for help on this tomorrow (tonight).

Sunday night, after the workshop, we went to see The DaVinci Code, which didn’t suck, but wasn’t great either. Then again, the book was mediocre mind-candy and not great, so I guess it was true to the book in that respect. (I maintain that if you want to read a similar story, Umberto Eco’s novel Foucault’s Pendulum is a better choice, although the frequent use of Latin and French may make you feel undereducated.)

A lazy day of reading, laundry, writing, general puttering around the house, and watching more Dr. Who and John Doe. (We’re such geeks). There was rain, and I read the novel Lighthouse Keeping which fit the weather. I’d finished Charles De Lint’s Widdershins the night before.

Tuesday – Thursday:
Work, and work, and oh, look, more work. By the end of Thursday, I could have taken Friday off and still had enough hours to get five hours of OT. I wish we had a 9-80 program. Thursday was taken up by half a day of new product training (we finally have a suprime I/O product), during which I struck up a conversation with the trainer, and basically told him I wanted his job. He asked me to write a quick and dirty CV and email it to him (I did it on our break) because there’s a chance at a position teaching salespeople to teach brokers how to use automated underwriting engines, and I know a TON about automated underwriting.

It is impossible for Fridays to ever be entirely bad. Mine wasn’t, really, but it did seem ENDLESS. There are only two of us who work past five on Fridays, and we end up stretching files just so we don’t sit around bored. I sat around and surfed the ComedySportz playerz fora, in between workstuff, but by the time I got done with work, and they released us, it was after the show start time, so I couldn’t even go watch.

I woke around nine, realized it was Saturday, let the dogs out, drank some mint tea, read bad fanfic for a while (in bed) and napped a bit. We finally BOTH rolled out of bed around two, had sandwiches, and took long self-indulgent showers, before heading to Dallas, where I worked the concession stand with one of my fellow newbies (after vacuuming). After the show, a bunch of us went to Fridays, where one of the troupe members analyzed all our handwriting, and we all got to know each other a little bit. It was pleasant, but we left at midnight, because the dogs needed to be fed, and we think we have choir in the morning.