Happy Friday

I have three minutes before I have to leave for work, and wanted to dash this out. I'm wearing jeans today. I've never really been a fan of jeans, having found that they're not particularly comfortable especially if you fidget a lot, and they're totally gross if you get wet from rain or snow…but with the return to corporate America “casual Friday” has become a miniholiday, and since we're allowed to wear jeans, I've been doing so.

And finding that I quite like them. Today, for example, I'm wearing them with my favorite black boots and a charcoal sweater designed to look like there's a white blouse underneath. It's comfortable, and just dressy enough for casual friday at BigFinancialCompany.

This week has seemed a month long, partly because I was stuck in a training class, and partly because attending the class has skewed our schedule just enough earlier to be uncomfortable. I'm eager to return to my cushy 10-7 shift on Tuesday.

May everyone have a blissfully happy Friday, and a wonderful weekend.

Originally written at 7:41 AM.