True Confessions

I read fanfic.

I’m particular about what I read.

In the Potterverse, I don’t, for example, like Snape/Harry slash, though sometimes I like Harry/Draco slash. And sometimes I like Snape/Hermione stories. It’s not that I have a problem with slash, in general, its that I have to be willing to buy into the ‘ship, and I can’t buy into Snape/Harry.

My first attempt at publically shared fanfic, as an AUTHOR, was in the Potterverse, actually.

I like BuffyFic, generally speaking. I’ve seen a few really good Buffy/Harry Potter crossovers. No, really. And I was a regular reader of before it went to being an eFiction site. (I like the eFiction interface, btw, it’s nifty.)

But my first ever fanfic experience was with Star Trek. If that dates me, well, tough. I’m not old enough to have seen classic Trek in first run, but I’m old enough to have had it as my first Trek experience. I liked TNG, but I’d have liked it better if they’d done arc-based storytelling instead of episodic. DS9, from a writing POV was my favorite. I didn’t even start watching Voyager until it’s last year, because of work schedules. I went to a special showing, complete with live Klingons, of the premiere episode of Enterprise, but didn’t stay with the show…

My favorite TrekFics ever are Wildcat’s Spock/Uhura series, and Zakhad’s Captain and Counsellor series. Go read them

I don’t really PARTICIPATE in fandom. Once in a while I’ll send an email if I really loved a story, but I don’t play the read and review game, because I don’t have the time or patience for it…

And I’m bringing this up, because while I was munching on cereal yesterday morning, I found some TNGFic I hadn’t read. And I liked it. And it inspired me, so I’m writing a post-Nemesis a/u fanfic thing.

When it gets to a point where I’m willing to post it, it’ll go on, and Girasole. Maybe.

Until then, I’ve confessed enough for one night.

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